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GreenChoby: Listen/Lyrics

10 Years Loved

(Carolyn Green)
February 9, 2007
Carolyn Green

Commission by Terry and Ted Witherell on 10th anniversary of the death of their infant son Matthew.

Ten Years Loved

You were really here, and really loved, and still are dear
To all of us
And all of us love you.
Masterpiece and light, pulse in the womb, embodied life
Blew out too soon
For us it was too soon.

But we celebrate you ten years loved
Making a wish that you see your little family from above.
Can’t help but wish that you were here
But the mist will clear
When we are there.

We shoulder on, we pay the bills, we mow the lawn
The calendar fills
But still we’re marked by you.

You have seen His face, bathe in His glow
Every gift of grace
Is all you’ve ever known, it’s all you’ve ever known.

So we celebrate you eternally loved
Please say a prayer as you watch your little family from above
Privy to wisdom of the most high.

We cast an eye, we give a sigh
For when we are there.
We cast an eye, we give a sigh
For when we are there.