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Renew Me (full song)

(Carolyn Green)
May 20, 2000
Carolyn Green

Carolyn wrote this song for the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Christian Community Development Association in Chicago in 2000.  She performed this song in front of 3000 urban ministry leaders.

O Lord my God

I gather with your people in this place

From every corner of the nations we have come

To find our strength together for the race 

And hear the news of what you've done


O Lord my God

For the people of my home I've come to stand

To represent how much they need your touch

I know their names; I've seen their eyes, 

I've held their hands

And how I long to give your love


All: So renew me, renew me, renew me

By your Spirit, Father renew me

Renew me, renew me, for a new millennium


O Lord my God

As I survey the world I am undone

There is so much that your Church must rise to do 

To speak your Good News to the poor 

and loose the bonds

And I have heard this call from you


 O Lord my God

As I serve among my neighbors you have shown

How foolishly I draw upon my own strength

And now the poverty I witness is my own

I am yet broken from within





It's only you 

that can renew

My life and the world around me

And as I give 

how I must live 

in the Spirit of life that renews me


To heed your call 

I'll daily fall 

on my knees let your Spirit renew me

So all can see

that it's not me

But the Lord who restores and renews me