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GreenChoby: A Gift of Song

Looking for A Custom Song? - May 20, 2014

Over the years, Carolyn Green has been asked by various groups and individuals to write custom songs for a particular event. 

Examples of these songs are

  • "Lifetime Journey", written for her mother and father-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary.
  • "Hot Balloon", written for a friends wedding.
  • "Renew Me", written for the 10th Anniversary National Conference for the Christian Community Development Association.
  • "Rise", commissioned by a brother for his sister.
  • "Miles Between Our Lives", commissioned as a gift for a life-long friend.

Recently Carolyn has been approached by others looking for a custom song for a special occasions such as a couples 40th wedding anniversary and a mothers 70th birthday celebration.  This has developed into a new venture we are calling: a Gift of Song


A GIFT OF SONG is a personally commissioned song that individuals or group ask Carolyn to write.  This can be for any occasion.  While this is a creative process that can be hard to define, a commissioned songs typically develops in the following fashion:


  1. An interested person or group contacts John Green by calling (330) 920-1108 or email  John will send you some more detailed information about what a GIFT OF SONG entails and a blank contract.  You read over this information, and listen to some of Carolyn’s music online to gain an understanding of Carolyn’s style and abilities.
  2. Interested parties will then be connected with Carolyn who will do an initial interview with you to get an idea of what is needed in this GIFT OF SONG.
  3. After the interview, if Carolyn feels confident that she can meet your deadline and expectations a GIFT OF SONG Agreement will be drawn up detailing the expectations of this project and the compensation that will be paid to Carolyn.  This Agreement will generally stipulate that the person commissioning the song will have rights to its use as they wish.  However, it’s important to know that Carolyn retains the copyright to all commissioned songs and may use them in future performances or recordings.
  4. Once the contract is agreed upon and a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed upon compensation is paid, Carolyn will begin writing the commissioned song.  If needed, she will re-interview parties involved for more detail.
  5. Once a rough draft of the song is composed, Carolyn will meet again with all concern, either in person of via Skype, play the song and seek any feedback for the final form.
  6. Typically at the rough draft meeting Carolyn will discuss with all parties involved what level of production they wish the song to have.  This can include additional instrumentation and vocals.  Additional production beyond Carolyn’s original composition, guitar, and vocals will be at an additional cost.
  7. Once the final song is composed, Carolyn will record it onto a CD and present you with as many copies as your contract stipulates.


Carolyn may also be available to perform the song live at a venue and timing of your choice, if her schedule allows.

A simple GIFT OF SONG commission typically costs $400-$700. However the price can be higher depending upon the level of production that is requested.

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